The Power of You With Brooke Snow | Week Three

I chose to do a session with children this week.  Mostly, b/c that is what I tend to book more often AND b/c I had a session with two sisters on the books!

These two were absolutely adorable.  And out of the interview came a really cool story.  The girls’ mother listed their first and middle names and when I read through, I noticed that their middle names were the same as mine and my sister’s middle names.  Even to the point where the oldest had my middle name (I am the oldest) and the youngest had my sister’s middle name.  It was a fun little conversation starter.  😉

I also learned a couple of other really helpful and interesting facts that really helped me prepare for the session and these two little girls, in general.

I posted my before and after here, b/c I wanted to show the context this was taken in.  I think it is so sweet that the best, and most natural, smile I got out of little sister was when she was holding hands with and playing with her sister!  In the questionnaire’s bio section, mom mentioned that each other LOVES her sister!

As you can imagine, getting a 3 year old and a 4 year old to stay in position and smile, while looking at the camera doesn’t happen very easily.  Just as I would get them posed and get back in position to shoot…some one would move.  BUT…I absolutely loved what I ended up with this image.  Doesn’t this just say SISTERS all over it?

And this image was our VERY last from the session.  The girls were SO over taking pictures by this point, but I knew that I still wanted that “smiling at the camera shot” for dad (these were to be a birthday gift for him).  So, I took the girls aside from mom and told them a “secret”.  We played peek-a-boo from behind the tree and my instructions were to jump around the tree when I said “three”.  Although I wasn’t able to capture both of them looking at me, I do really love the genuine expressions I elicited from them both.

Such a fun exercise and while I know there were a few more principles that I could have also tried, I really feel like this was a successful session.

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2 Responses to The Power of You With Brooke Snow | Week Three

  1. Mai says:

    It is great story about the middle name.:-) I love the pose of the black and white one. they are so adorable and the red on them look so cheerful, very nice.

  2. Judith says:

    They are adorable and you did a great job capturing their spirit and sweetness all at the same time!

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