Baby {R}

I LOVED this session.  Newborn sessions are probably the hardest sessions I do, because there is such little control.  I can plan as much as I want, but if little miss or mister is hungry, very alert or just wants momma, there is definitely not one thing I can do to change that.  It is sometimes a lot of waiting and even more patience, but I still just really adore newborn sessions.  There is something about being able to capture and preserve that fleeting stage for parents that makes my heart sing.  Even now, writing this post, makes me tear up a little!

This session had been on the books since late summer, even before we knew little miss was going to be a MISS.  🙂  And I was extremely excited for this lifestyle session.  I prepared and prepared and spoke with Mom several time getting it all planned.  Then the weekend arrived and it was the weekend our household was struck with the norovirus and I didn’t want to take any chances of introducing it to their home and that precious baby, so even though we knew it would put us at the very end of the coveted “sleepy newborn” stage, we opted to postpone.  I’ll admit, I was very nervous that we may have missed the opportunity, but Miss R, was such a great subject, as you will see.  I hope you love these images as much as I do!

What a wonderful session this was.  I could not have wished for a more cooperative baby or big sisters.  I had a blast with you all and really hope that you love these images as much as I do!


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1 Response to Baby {R}

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Beautiful. Wonderfully captured moments!

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