The {Y} Family | Manassas VA Family Photographer

Mom Sarah and I met over the summer when she contacted me about photographing her super fun 4th of July party!  During that shoot, I also had the opportunity sneak in an adorable shot of two of her little cuties, but I was so excited when she contacted me about doing a session for her entire family this fall.  We met this past weekend at one of my favorite locations for the fall season and had a fabulous session.  With two older brothers and a baby sister, this family was so fun to shoot, b/c it was a small glimpse into my own family’s future!  {Y} Family…I hope you enjoy your sneak peak!

I mean is this little girl the center of her big brothers’ worlds or what?  I absolutely adore these shots.  It was so very easy to see how much they all love each other and what great big brothers they are!

Big brother #1 is so very handsome and serious – partially because he didn’t like to show off his toothless smile very much!  I thought it was cute…but I think maybe he’s too old for “cute”!

Big brother #2  is another handsome fellow and so very playful.  I love this age…still young enough to be silly and have fun but old enough to not be silly the entire time.

And then there is baby girl (who I guess isn’t technically a baby anymore, but if that look down there on the left is any indication, I’m pretty sure she’s always gonna be the “baby”!).  I mean WOW…look at those beautiful blonde curls and HUGE brown eyes.  Thank goodness daddy has two those two wonderful big brothers to help protect this little sweetie…I’m pretty sure he’s gonna need it!!

I hope you all had as much fun as I did.  Thank you so very much for allowing me to be the one to captures these moments in your family’s life!

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