She’s One!! | Haymarket, Va Children’s Photographer

Today was my sweet baby girl’s first birthday.  One year ago this day was full of anticipation…today’s emotions were a mixed bag for me.  I’m still full of anticipation and excitement for all that my baby girl will do in the next year, and the years to follow.  But…I was also dreading the day a little, as well.  Not because I hate birthday’s or parties (because anyone who knows me, knows that I LOVE birthday’s and parties and I love to make them special)…but rather because I now have to start counting my baby girls age in years.  We started out with days…days turned to weeks, weeks to months and now months to years.  I suppose I can get away with it for another 6 months or so, until she is 1 and a half…but still, there is just something about ONE that no longer says baby.  And that is why I was dreading today just a little.  My baby is growing up and I really want her to stay a baby, just a little while longer!  On the other hand, today WAS her birthday, so that gave way for a small celebration (her big she-bang is Sunday).  I made a “smash cake” for her and some cupcakes for the rest of us and we celebrated Kate’s big milestone.  She THOROUGHLY enjoyed every bit of smashing into her cake and I loved capturing those moments.  At least if she can’t stay a baby forever, I will have lovely reminders of those chubby little hands stuffing yummy birthday cake into those adorable little cheeks!  Happy Birthday Baby Girl…we all love you so very much!



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4 Responses to She’s One!! | Haymarket, Va Children’s Photographer

  1. Your daughter, Kate is so beautiful. I love her light blonde hair with the touch of red. It is a very unique color. You are a gifted photographer. Love the background! Happy 1st Birthday to your daughter!

  2. Jennifer says:

    So cute!! Why’s Katy crying? You take her cake away or something?

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