The {M} Family | Manassas, VA Family Photographer

This past weekend I got to shoot a family session at one of my favorite locations – the Manassas Battlefields.  I LOVE the tall grass and the wide, open fields.  During the golden hours, they provide the perfect conditions for great lighting!  While most clients are not super excited about the early wake-up calls I suggest when shooting these sessions, they almost always agree that it is worth the final product!  The {M} Family has three young boys that are so handsome.  {C} is the oldest and was a great subject, allowing me to easily get some “handsome shots” of him (as my oldest son likes to call them).  :)   {J} is the middle child and was very active – a typical 4-year old…but I loved it, b/c I was able to capture his true personality.  And once we let baby {S} run and do his own thing, I was able to get some super fun shots of him, too.  {M} family, here is your sneak peek.  I can’t wait to show them all to you!!

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