The {S} Kids | Faquier County, Va Children’s Photographer

Perseverance was the key to this session.  It all started when our originally scheduled session was ruined by a summer rain storm.  Thankfully, the rainy weather didn’t stick around too long, and we were able to try again just a day later.  When I finally did get to me the {S} Family, I was so excited to get to shoot their adorable kiddos…I mean REALLY adorable.  Well…C was adorable, but D was an “almost 6 year old” beauty!  And she was an excellent subject, too.  She had as much personality as she did beauty, too which made getting some fun shots very easy for me.  C, on the other hand – well, it took a little longer for him to warm up to me…but I did persevere and eventually I think I won the battle of those wills.  In fact, the first picture is from the LAST pictures we took, after more than an hour in the hot summer sun.  And they are STILL so cute, happy and cooperative.  Mom and Dad – you have some wonderful children!!  Here’s your sneak peek…hope you enjoy!!

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7 Responses to The {S} Kids | Faquier County, Va Children’s Photographer

  1. Tori Stone says:

    They are beautiful, we love them!!
    Thank you!!


  2. Chris S. says:


    Thank you so much!! This ‘taste’ is so wonderful. We are very much looking forward to see the rest of the shots. It was such a pleasure to see you working with our children. It may have took some extra effort, but you managed to capture the essence of ‘C’. ‘D’ had so much fun with you and she loved to see her pictures.

  3. Beryl says:

    Kerri – What a great session! I love the peek a boo shots. What cute kiddos you got to spend the day with. 🙂

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