Monday Funday – Birthday Fun | Haymarket, VA Family Photographer

My first born baby boy hit another milestone this year…F-I-V-E years old!  I hit another mommy milestone this year…mother of a F-I-V-E year old!!  I know I say it with each birthday (really, I do!), but how is it even possible.  It is SO cliche that I even hate to think it, but oh my, it does go so, SO fast.  Birthdays bring a range of emotions in me…Sadness that I’m one year further from their baby, cuddly stage – where they need and want me so much.  Proud of my little boy and all that he has learned and accomplished over the past five years.  And, Excitement for the fun years to come and all of the new adventures we will be taking.  Happy Birthday T…we all love you SO much.  You are a joy and a blessing to our lives each and every day!!

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