My Dream | With Love Photography and Design

After many years of dreaming and lots of encouragement from countless people, I’m finally taking the plunge and expanding my design company into my first passion of photography.  Since I was a little girl, I had an interest in photography, even taking some classes in college.  But, it wasn’t until I set eyes on my little baby boy for the first time that this interest became a passion.  I became…ummm, I guess obsessed is the right word with documenting everything about his life.  As fleeting as those days are, I was determined not to forget ANYTHING.  However, while I had loved my Canon point and shoot for the various vacations and self-portraits of my husband and I, prior to kids, and even pleased with it’s performance during the early days of my baby boy’s firsts…it wasn’t quite up to the task of an active 4 month old.  So, husband and I (with baby boy in tow) went on the hunt for something better – faster…a camera that I knew I could trust not to miss those dear moments I was longing to capture for life!  I got my first DSLR, a Canon Digital Rebel for Christmas in 2006.  I have since upgraded, but I LOVED this camera and it made my passion for photography grow.  Not only did I want to capture memories of my own child(ren), I found that I loved doing this for friends and family, too.  As we have been busy growing our family for the past several years, I could never find the right time to launch my business.  However, the timing is rarely perfect when it comes to making a big decision.  Often times you just have to have faith and take that leap.  Today, I’m taking that leap and shooting for the stars, as I announce the opening of With Love Photography.  Sent With Love Designs will still be open for business, I have opted to change the name of the business to With Love Photography and Design, to incorporate everything together.

It would be such a dream to be able to grow this business, by sharing my love for capturing memories with your family.  If you are interested in booking a session with me, please contact me or click here to view my Creative Fees and Price List.  I look forward to many exciting sessions and the opportunity to capture your families memories!

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