The Power of You With Brooke Snow | Week Three

I chose to do a session with children this week.  Mostly, b/c that is what I tend to book more often AND b/c I had a session with two sisters on the books!

These two were absolutely adorable.  And out of the interview came a really cool story.  The girls’ mother listed their first and middle names and when I read through, I noticed that their middle names were the same as mine and my sister’s middle names.  Even to the point where the oldest had my middle name (I am the oldest) and the youngest had my sister’s middle name.  It was a fun little conversation starter.  😉

I also learned a couple of other really helpful and interesting facts that really helped me prepare for the session and these two little girls, in general.

I posted my before and after here, b/c I wanted to show the context this was taken in.  I think it is so sweet that the best, and most natural, smile I got out of little sister was when she was holding hands with and playing with her sister!  In the questionnaire’s bio section, mom mentioned that each other LOVES her sister!

As you can imagine, getting a 3 year old and a 4 year old to stay in position and smile, while looking at the camera doesn’t happen very easily.  Just as I would get them posed and get back in position to shoot…some one would move.  BUT…I absolutely loved what I ended up with this image.  Doesn’t this just say SISTERS all over it?

And this image was our VERY last from the session.  The girls were SO over taking pictures by this point, but I knew that I still wanted that “smiling at the camera shot” for dad (these were to be a birthday gift for him).  So, I took the girls aside from mom and told them a “secret”.  We played peek-a-boo from behind the tree and my instructions were to jump around the tree when I said “three”.  Although I wasn’t able to capture both of them looking at me, I do really love the genuine expressions I elicited from them both.

Such a fun exercise and while I know there were a few more principles that I could have also tried, I really feel like this was a successful session.

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Baby {R}

I LOVED this session.  Newborn sessions are probably the hardest sessions I do, because there is such little control.  I can plan as much as I want, but if little miss or mister is hungry, very alert or just wants momma, there is definitely not one thing I can do to change that.  It is sometimes a lot of waiting and even more patience, but I still just really adore newborn sessions.  There is something about being able to capture and preserve that fleeting stage for parents that makes my heart sing.  Even now, writing this post, makes me tear up a little!

This session had been on the books since late summer, even before we knew little miss was going to be a MISS.  🙂  And I was extremely excited for this lifestyle session.  I prepared and prepared and spoke with Mom several time getting it all planned.  Then the weekend arrived and it was the weekend our household was struck with the norovirus and I didn’t want to take any chances of introducing it to their home and that precious baby, so even though we knew it would put us at the very end of the coveted “sleepy newborn” stage, we opted to postpone.  I’ll admit, I was very nervous that we may have missed the opportunity, but Miss R, was such a great subject, as you will see.  I hope you love these images as much as I do!

What a wonderful session this was.  I could not have wished for a more cooperative baby or big sisters.  I had a blast with you all and really hope that you love these images as much as I do!


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The {H} Family | Nokesville, Va Family Photographer

I love family sessions.  Being able to document your family at this stage of your lives is so important, as we all know that these kids grow up way too fast!  In home sessions are a great lifestyle sessions.  From posed, traditional shots to candid, lifestyle moments, these sessions yield a fun variety of images.  And, the kids are always more comfortable in their own homes, lending way to more genuine smiles and expressions.  I was so pleasantly surprised at how well this session with the {H} Family went!  Three kids can sometimes be difficult (I should know, right?).  But truly…I could not asked for more well cooperative children in front of the camera!  Mom, can you share the secret?

And look at the eyes on these kiddos.  W-O-W…stunning!

It was quite windy outside, but they were such troopers

How cute is this?

Momma and her three little birds…

{H} Family, I had a wonderful time spending the afternoon with you.  I hope you love your images as much as I do!


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The Power of You with Brooke Snow | Week One

This week started a new photography journey for me, as I’m taking an on-line class with an amazing photographer and teacher, Brooke Snow.

This week’s lesson focus was on preparation.  Everything from making sure all of our equipment is in our bag, in working order and charged completely to scouting out a location to mentally preparing for the session by creating a shot/vision list.

For my homework this week, I used a session that I have been wanting to do for a long time.  This session was SO VERY special to me and I knew that I HAD to get the shots that I wanted.  I also knew that the location was going to be a bit of a challenge, as it wasn’t a place I could really preview very much ahead of time.  So, in order to make sure the session flowed well and also to guarantee that I didn’t forget any of the must have shots, I spent a lot of time preparing for this session and had a very detailed shot/vision list to pull from on session day.  But guess what…I got so caught up in our session (which was a very good thing, b/c I got a lot of great shots and connections with the family) I forgot to look at my list.  And guess what else…I forgot one of the most important shots.  Thankfully I remembered that I hadn’t looked at the list before I actually left their home, so I turned back to their house, parked the car, knocked on the door and told the mom that I had forgotten one very important shot.  This one!

Here are two more of my favorites from the session.  Both of these were variations of my original vision.  The shot on the stairs I had originally wanted to be outside, sitting inside each others outstretched legs, but the ground was wet and muddy, so I varied the shot inside to the stairs.

And in my mind this was going to be shot from behind, but I actually liked the feeling I was getting of them walking hand-in-hand toward me!

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’tis the Season! | Thank You!!

As 2011 winds down I find myself so thankful for all that the last year has brought my business.  Last year I was just opening my mind to the possibility of adding photography services to my business.  A new mentor, turned great friend, was so encouraging of my dream and I can’t thank her enough for the nudges and confidence boosts that kept me moving in a positive direction.  Thank you Beryl!  This past year has been so much more than I expected.  I am feeling so blessed to have the opportunity to be at home with my little ones on a daily basis, while also filling my days with “work” I love…all while meeting so many new and wonderful people.  Thank you to all of my clients who have trusted and believed it me.  It means more than you will ever know, that you took a chance on me!


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Design Alert | 2011 Holiday Cards are Here!

Now that Thanksgiving is over and the mega shopping weekend has come and gone, it is time to check HOLIDAY CARDS off of your list!


This year I am offering holiday cards in three options.  Photo Cards are 1-sided designs printed on a photo paper (look and feel like a traditional photograph).  Press Cards are 2-sided designs printed on a heavier weight card stock (comes in several paper options)  and NEW for this year is the digital file option.  I will design your card and send you a high resolution digital file that you can take or send to your favorite photo lab to have printed!!

Click here to view all of my current designs or here to view this year’s new designs on my Facebook Page.  And while you’re there — become a fan to be kept up to date on any specials I may be offering as Facebook Fan Exclusives!

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Baby {S} & Family | Arlington Va Newborn Family Photographer

This session was a lot of fun, because it was my second time with Jen and family, only this time I got to meet and shoot baby S.!!  I last saw Jen at the end of summer, when we did big sister K.’s first birthday pictures.  I think we probably just missed the perfect “newborn” window to capture that really new and sleepy stage, but we still got some great shots of this little cutie.

How could I EVER pass up the opportunity to snap a few pics of these baby blues?  At just 15 months, big sister is still getting used to the idea that she has a baby brother to share mommy and daddy with, so I was happy to be able to shower her with attention for a few minutes.  She loved being my model!And, now that Sean has arrived, how about an updated family photo, too.  Jen – I know you hadn’t planned on being in this photo, but I am so extremely happy you and daddy are.  I think it’s perfect!!B. Family – thanks so much for having me back to document this new chapter of your family’s life.  I hope you love them!!

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The {Y} Family | Manassas VA Family Photographer

Mom Sarah and I met over the summer when she contacted me about photographing her super fun 4th of July party!  During that shoot, I also had the opportunity sneak in an adorable shot of two of her little cuties, but I was so excited when she contacted me about doing a session for her entire family this fall.  We met this past weekend at one of my favorite locations for the fall season and had a fabulous session.  With two older brothers and a baby sister, this family was so fun to shoot, b/c it was a small glimpse into my own family’s future!  {Y} Family…I hope you enjoy your sneak peak!

I mean is this little girl the center of her big brothers’ worlds or what?  I absolutely adore these shots.  It was so very easy to see how much they all love each other and what great big brothers they are!

Big brother #1 is so very handsome and serious – partially because he didn’t like to show off his toothless smile very much!  I thought it was cute…but I think maybe he’s too old for “cute”!

Big brother #2  is another handsome fellow and so very playful.  I love this age…still young enough to be silly and have fun but old enough to not be silly the entire time.

And then there is baby girl (who I guess isn’t technically a baby anymore, but if that look down there on the left is any indication, I’m pretty sure she’s always gonna be the “baby”!).  I mean WOW…look at those beautiful blonde curls and HUGE brown eyes.  Thank goodness daddy has two those two wonderful big brothers to help protect this little sweetie…I’m pretty sure he’s gonna need it!!

I hope you all had as much fun as I did.  Thank you so very much for allowing me to be the one to captures these moments in your family’s life!

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The {N} Family | Manassas, Va Family Photography

This session was THREE times the fun – as this family of seven has a set of triplets.  And boy oh boy are those little girls c-u-t-e.  Their daddy is in trouble!  Thank goodness there is also an older brother and older sister to look out for them.  🙂  All of these kiddos were super easy to work with…I love these ages.  They listen to your suggestions and aren’t to the point where they don’t like to smile.  It was a perfect day.  We headed out to my favorite spot for these fall session and got some really cute shots!

Here is your sneaky peak…enjoy!!

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The {J} Family | Northern Virginia Family Photographer

This was such a fun and special session for me.  I had the great pleasure of doing Miss Lyla’s newborn shots about a year and a half ago and now that the family is going to be welcoming a baby sister to the family this winter, mom and dad wanted some photos of their growing family.  Mom also happens to be a VERY dear friend of mine, so I was so happy to get to travel to the beautiful Charlottesville area for their session.  Leandra stressed about their clothing choices, but I think she did a fabulous job!!  Leandra and Paul…I hope you love them!!

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